AltShares ETFs

by Water Island Capital

Democratizing Alternative Investments


Water Island Capital was founded in 2000 with a goal of offering alternative investment strategies – historically an option available only to institutional investors and high net worth individuals – to the broader investing public. Learn more about Water Island


AltShares builds upon this goal by leveraging the knowledge gained through decades of experience managing non-traditional investment strategies, and offering them to the public with the benefits of exchange-traded funds: tax-efficiency, liquidity, transparency, and lower costs.


AltShares Merger Arbitrage ETF

ARB seeks to provide:


Broad exposure to a merger arbitrage strategy 


An independent return stream


Low volatility and low correlation to stocks and bonds.


Before investing, carefully consider the fund’s investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses. The fund’s prospectus contains this and other important information. Click here to obtain a copy of the current prospectus. Read the prospectus carefully before you invest. 

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