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AltShares ETFs

by Water Island Capital

Democratizing Alternative Investments


Water Island Capital was founded in 2000 with a goal of offering alternative investment strategies – historically an option available only to institutional investors and high net worth individuals – to the broader investing public. Learn more about Water Island


AltShares builds upon this goal by leveraging the knowledge gained through decades of experience managing non-traditional investment strategies, and offering them to the public with the benefits of exchange-traded funds: tax-efficiency, liquidity, transparency, and lower costs.


AltShares Merger Arbitrage ETF

ARB seeks to provide:


Broad exposure to a merger arbitrage strategy 


An independent return stream


Low volatility and low correlation to stocks and bonds.



AltShares Event-Driven ETF

EVNT seeks to provide:


An actively managed event-driven strategy


Exposure to both hard and soft catalyst events


Tax efficiency, intraday liquidity, portfolio transparency


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